Warranty Replacement 

Bobcat Lighting products are professional grade, and we stand behind our quality.  If this light fixture does not operate for 5 years (based on 12 hours per day / 7 days per week of normal consumer use) from date of purchase when used as directed, your product is covered under our warranty.  For returns, replacements or exchanges within 30 days of purchase, please return to the place of purchase.  Non-light fixtures, ie under cabinet lights, night lights, etc have warranties ranging from one to three years.  See product specifications for exact warranty length. 

In some cases, we can simply send you a replacement part, such as a new photocell or new plastic stake.  In these cases, we will send these to you free of charge.  

To file a warranty claim and get a replacement light, please fill out the below form.  Once we receive the below form, we will confirm your purchase and warranty claim and email you with shipping instructions. You will be responsible for shipping the product with proof of purchase, register receipt and your name and address to Bobcat Lighting. (Consumer Warranty), 510 East Wilson Bridge Road, Suite C, Worthington, Ohio 43085.  Bobcat will send you a replacement, repair the fixture or at Bobcat’s option refund the original purchase price.  For warranty or other questions please contact us. 

Replacement or refund is Bobcat Lighting's sole warranty obligation.  Incidental and consequential damages are excluded.

Troubleshooting Options 

Before submitting a warranty claim, please consider testing the following:

  1. Confirm the light fixture is getting 120 volts

  2. Check the circuit. Confirm the light fixture is not on the same circuit as a GFCI outlet. Check if the the light figure is on the same circuit as a device that causes voltage spikes, such as a fridge, pump, irrigation system, etc, etc. A GFCI outlet or devices causing voltage spikes can light to blink and potential fail.

  3. If the fixture is a dusk to dawn photocell fixture, confirm it is not getting reflected light, ie reflected light from a car windshield.

  4. If the fixture is a dusk to dawn photocell fixture and blinking, test the photocell by placing back tape over the light. If the light works as expected with black tape covering the photocell, it is receiving reflected light. If the light does not work with black tape, then the photocell is defective and needs to be replaced. If while performing the steps to the above you hear a clicking sound, it means the driver is defective. In some rare cases a driver can malfunction.

  5. If working with an electrician, have the electrician open the light to change the photocell. Opening the light will not void the warranty, and a free photocell will be shipped to you.

To receive a free photocell or driver for the LED area light simple click this link:


Once on this page, add product to cart, enter your past order information, click the cart button in the upper corner, and check out. This is shipped to you free of charge.

Warranty Form

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Date of Purchase
Please selection your preferred option for warranty. For example, if a photocell or part needs to be replaced, we can send you a replacement part free of charge. If you are unsure, just tell us and we can recommend the best option. We offer four warranty options: OPTION 1: I can fix it myself...send me a new photocell free of charge. OPTION 2: I'll send back the defective light, and then please repair or send me a replacement light once you inspect and confirm. (You, as the customer will be responsible for shipping) OPTION 3: Light failed within six months of original purchase date, send me a refurbished light to replace the defective light and a label to send back the defective one. OPTION 4: I have a special situation, such as special installation requirements or very recent purchase that may need a new light shipped. Please review my warranty information and get back to me regarding my options.